Curd is milk protein product, produced by fermentation of pasteurized whole or skim milk with following removal a part of whey from the clot and pressing of protein mass.

Organoleptic parameters

Appearance and consistency Soft, spotting or crumbly with or without palpable particles of milk protein. For the fat-free product is a minor release of whey.
Flavor and smell Pure, milk, without off-flavors and smell.
Colour White or with cream tint, uniform throughout the mass.

Physical and chemical parameters

fatless, less than 1,8% 9,0% 18,0%
Protein content, %, no less 18,0 16,0 14,0
Moisture content, %, no more 80,0 73,0 65,0
Acidity, T°, no more 240 220 210
Phosphatase or peroxidase not allowed not allowed not allowed
The temperature of the product at output from the factory, °C 4±2 4±2 4±2

 Packaging: packages from polymeric materials of 10 to 20 kg, plastic buckets of 5 to 10 kg

 Shelf life and storage conditions: аt temperature 4±2°С – 5 days

The product is manufactured and corresponds to GOST 31453-2013