Special use fat 2/100-15

(without vegetable fats and oils)

It is intended for spreads, dairy and dairy products manufacturing in order to obtain the finished product with the parameters of organoleptic and fatty acid composition corresponding to GOST requirements.

Ingredients: mixture of high quality melted fats, milk fat, emulsifier, antioxidant, natural fragrance, colourants.

Organoleptic parameters

Consistence (12±2°С) Homogeneous, dense texture, plastic
Colour From white to yellow, homogeneous throughout the mass
Flavor and smell Clean, typical to impersonal fat. When using aromatic additives – the flavor is typical to entered supplements
Transparence Transparent in the molten condition

Physical and chemical parameters

Moisture content, %, no more 1,0
Fat content, %, no less 99,0
Melting point 37-39
Peroxide value, active oxygen mmol / kg, no more 2,0
Trans fatty acids content, %, no more 3

Solid Fat Content, %

10ºC 38-40
20ºC 20-30
30ºC 11-15

Packaging: сorrugated cardboard boxes with polyethylene liner from 10 kg to 25 kg.

Shelf life and storage conditions:

at temperature no more than + 12 ° C – 18 months

at temperature no more than + 20 ° C – 12 months

The product is manufactured and corresponds to ТУ 9142-005-59377059-16