Butter Krestyanskoe (72,5%)

Butter, low fat, produced from pasteurized full-fat cream. Sweet unsalted butter.

Organoleptic parameters

Flavor and smell Pronounced creamy pasteurization  taste, without off-flavors and smell.
Appearance and consistency Thick, plastic, homogeneous or insufficiently thick and plastic. Surface on the cut brilliant, dry in appearance. Allowed a slightly glossy or matte surface with the presence of small droplets of moisture.
Colour From light yellow to yellow, homogeneous throughout the mass.

Physical and chemical parameters

Moisture content, %, no more 25
Fat content, %, no less 72,5
Acidity, T0, no more 30

Microbial parameters

KMAFAnM KOE/g, not more 1•103
Coliforms in 0,01 g not
S.aureus in 0,1 g not
Pathogenic, including Salmonella in 25 g not
L.monocytogenes in 25 g not
Yeast and mold, KOE/g, not more 100 in sum

Packaging: multi-layer paper bag with polyethylene liner, from 2 kg to 25 kg.

Shelf life and storage conditions:

At relative humidity no more 90% and temperature:

+3 ± 200С – 10 days

-6 ± 300С – 9 months

-16 ± 200С – 15 months

no above – 250С – 24 months

The product is manufactured and corresponds to GOST R 32261-2013.