Condensed milk with sugar

Condensed milk with sugar is produced from pasteurized cow milk by evaporation of part of the water and canning by sugar.

Organoleptic parameters

Taste and smell The taste is pure, sweet with pronounced taste and smell of pasteurized milk, without off-flavors and smell.
Appearance and consistency A homogenous, viscous throughout the mass without perceptible crystals of milk sugar (lactose) organoleptically. Allowed powdery texture and a slight sediment of lactose at the bottom of the package during storage.
Colour Uniform throughout the mass. White with cream tint.

Physical and chemical parameters

Moisture content, %, no more 26,5
Cane sugar content, % from 43,5 to 45,5 incl.
Dry milk residue, %, no less 28,5
Fat content, %, no less 8,5
Content of the protein in dry skim milk residue, %, no less 34,0
Acidity, T °, no more 48 (0,432)
Viscosity, Pa•с from 3 to 15 incl.
Purity group, no less I
The allowable sizes of the crystals of milk sugar, mkm, no more 15

 Packaging: spirally wound fiber drum with liners for 30 kg; box with liner (bag in box) 20 kg; filling of the tank.

Shelf life and storage conditions: аt temperature from 0 to 10°С and relative humidity no more 85% – 8 months.

The product is manufactured and corresponds to  GOST 31688-2012