Special use fat 2/400

(without vegetable fats and oils)

It is used in the dairy industry for ice cream and spreads manufacturing; in the confectionery industry – for chocolates, candy toppings, waffles with toppings, butter biscuits, cakes, pies, etc. manufacturing.

Ingredients: milk fat, mixture of high quality melted fats, emulsifier, antioxidant, natural fragrance, colourants.

Organoleptic parameters

Consistence (12±2°С) Homogeneous, dense texture, plastic
Colour From white to yellow, homogeneous throughout the mass
Flavor and smell Clean, typical to impersonal fat. When using aromatic additives – the flavor is typical to entered supplements
Transparence Transparent in the molten condition

Physical and chemical parameters

Moisture content, %, no more 1,0
Fat content, %, no less 99,0
Melting point 34-37
Peroxide value, active oxygen mmol / kg, no more 2,0
Trans fatty acids content, %, no more 3

Solid Fat Content, %

10ºC 32-39
20ºC 24-31
30ºC 10-17
40ºC 0-3

Packaging: сorrugated cardboard boxes with polyethylene liner from 10 kg to 25 kg.

Shelf life and storage conditions:

at temperature no more than + 12°C – 18 months

at temperature no more than + 20°C – 12 months

The product is manufactured and corresponds to ТУ 9142-005-59377059-16