About company

We know everything about food industry and even more…

PREDO is a team of top-ranked professionals with over 10 years experience in the food industry.

Main activities are:

  • Development and manufacturing of butter, spread as well as the functional fatty compounds
  • Development and manufacturing of dairy products
  • Products in consumer packaging under its own brand “Kak u Babushki”

We offer detail circumspected logistics, which excludes the loss of time; our production processes are equipped according to the most modern standards of production facilities; raw materials pass strict quality control, as we are interested in products supplied by our company has high-quality, useful and safe.

Our specialists accompany each transaction in detail, providing comprehensive information and technology support, and providing a full documentary support of any order.

Manufacturing area in Vladimir region

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Manufacturing area in Voronezh region

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We like and appreciate our work and deliver quality, accessible to everyone.